1. Religion
A Muslim man sat beside her, days after the Mumbai train blasts.
She awfully maintained a gap.

10 years from then, there sat a human, their son.

2. Insomnia 

He re-read her texts ensconced on the chilly floor, bare chest, bare feet, in mid-January.
He felt cold…..inside.

3. Generosity

He took her to his posh house in his black Audi and gifted her a premium diamond ring.

I took her to my home.

She is now my wife.

4. Love

He knelt down and proposed her.
“You’ll be the second women for whom I’ll ever kneel down”
She stepped back amazingly.

“First would be our daughter.” 

5. Society
She received an increment in her salary.

She shared her joy with her father, who couldn’t help but frown.

Her match will ask him for more dowry now.


He donated a sum of rupees 2 crores to the ISKON temple.
He landed up in jail because his car accidentally ran over 3 innocents who laid on the road, while returning.

Had he donated it to them,
He wouldn’t be there.


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